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The ExciseMan Wine & Whisky Bar


Unique for a specialist bar, The ExciseMan is equally proficient in their range and expertise in wines & whiskies.


The ExciseMan is a Wine & Whisky Bar where the adventurous come to explore & discover beverages they are not familiar with or aware of.  We aspire to make recommendations that suit our customers' tastes, and offer beverages regardless of brand, age statements, awards, rarity or price.


Our bar is designed for those who prefer a quiet and comfortable setting with classic music from the 50's, 60's & 70's played at a convivial volume that allows conversation.  In essence, it's a perfect place to catch up with friends and meet for business.


Initially set up by beverage industry veterans as a whisky bar, we are now proud to introduce our wide selection of wines covering international & regional varietals over all the major wine producing regions.


We carry a good selection of Scotch Malt Whiskies and Scotch Blended Whiskies. Other whiskies include American Bourbon Whiskey, American Rye Whiskey, Irish Malt Whiskey, Irish Pot Still Whiskey, Japanese Malt Whisky, Japanese Blended Whisky, Indian Malt Whisky, Taiwanese Malt Whisky as well as European Whiskies.


We also boast an extensive range of other spirits that include Brandy, Cognac, Armagnac, Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Grappa, Vermouth, Aperitif, Liqueurs, Rum & Agricole Rhum.


As we use only top-grade ingredients in our cocktails, we are well known for our Negronis and G&Ts.


The ExciseMan is dedicated to straightforward quality, not brands or awards.  We source most of our wines and spirits via our parent company Le Vigne - an import and retail establishment since 2002 - this explains our competitive prices. More importantly, you will get a friendly recommendation should you need one.

Behind the ExciseMan…


Patricia BRITTON entered the wine & spirits industry in 1995 with the Jardine Group (part of Bacardi-Martini), marketing the wine portfolio which included top houses Bollinger & Veuve Clicquot, Petaluma, Brown Brothers, Taylors Port & Mouton Rothschild.  She then joined another wine & spirit giant, Pernod Ricard taking care of top names like Jacob’s Creek, Wyndham Estate, Champagne Pommery & Chateau D’issan.


Holding a General Certificate in Distilling from The Institute of Brewing and Distilling (UK), Lewis Mitchell conducts press and trade events on behalf of brands that have included Ardbeg, Glenmorangie, Royal Salute, The Glenlivet & Hennessy. Having served as a judge at the World Spirits competition, Lewis has also contributed articles on whiskies and other alcoholic beverages for several publications.


Both Patricia & Lewis are on a quest to learn and discover international beverages especially those that are lesser known - from exploring the vineyards of Yamanashi in Japan to visiting Rhum distilleries in Martinique.  Their latest educational tour took them to historical Cognac, then to picturesque Gascony where they studied the full production process of both Cognac and Armagnacs and then plying the length & breadth of Bordeaux to visit the top houses.

Both Patricia & Lewis were inducted into the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne in 2017.


A Journey with


Tips for enjoying whisky:

Start off with a wee sip of the whisky neat and judge if you require a splash of water to help ‘open up’ the whisky. Remember, whiskies are bottled at various strengths for different reasons, not necessarily the optimal drinking strength.  

When applying water, there is a ‘sweet spot’ for every bottling which is up to the individual.  It may well be that the ‘sweet spot’ is not adding any water at all; the choice is yours.

Take your time with the whisky. We would like you to enjoy each whisky to its fullest and follow how it develops in the glass over time.

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The ExciseMan Wine & Whisky Bar

Esplanade Mall  #02-27. 8 Raffles Avenue

Singapore 039802 

Tel:+65 64620053 (11am-5pm)

Tel: +65 69631192 (after 5pm)

Email: enquiries@theexciseman.com

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